The books available here will provide a treasure trove of information on all aspects of the challenges you and your child face.

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Picture It! Teaching Visual-Spatial Learners
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Picture It! illuminates the abilities of visual-spatial learners and des..
See it. Say it. Do It!
  Does your child struggle in school?  Does your child resist reading or writing? &..
Shadow Syndromes
  Shadow Syndromes will help you recognize and cope with the hidden psychological disorders ..
The Dyslexic Advantage
In this revolutionary book, the Eides use new brain science and their expertise in neurology and lea..
The Gift of Dyslexia
  Like other dyslexics, Ronald D. Davis was gifted with an unusual talent for creativity and..
The Mislabeled Child
The authors describe how understanding a child's unique strengths can be used to overcome obstacles ..
The Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education: Challenging Highly Gifted Learners
Highly gifted students have unique needs, and in-class accommodations for the gifted rarely are adeq..
Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual Spatial Learner
OUT OF STOCK NOTE: Due to limited availability, orders are limited to one book per person  ..
Visual Leap: A Step-by-Step Guide to Visual Learning for Teachers and Students
Visual Leap is a how-to book for teachers, students and parents interested in making learning easier..
Your Rainforest Mind: Support for the Excessively Curious, Creative, Smart & Sensitive
In the following pages, you will meet excessively curious, idealistic, sensitive, highly intelligent..
Excellence in Educating Gifted & Talented Learners
  This unique book is brightly written and addresses the key issues and ideas in educating t..
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