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2018 E-ADJ Volume 17: Overexcitability, Dynamisms, and the Gifted Self
Volume 17: Overexcitability, Dynamisms, and the Gifted Self Discover Dabrowski’s concepts anew th..
2017 E-ADJ Volume 16: Counseling and Psychotherapy
Volume 16: Counseling and Psychotherapy This volume features articles on counseling and psychothe..
2016 E-ADJ Volume 15: Adult Giftedness and Mental Health
Volume 15: Giftedness and Mental Health Highlights include keynote addresses by Lawrence Nixon ..
2014 E-ADJ Volume 14: Dabrowski and His Theory
Volume 14: Dabrowski and His Theory Theory and research provide new insights into the life of K..
2012 E-ADJ Volume 13: Advanced Development
  The papers in Volume 13 offer amazing insights into the lives of gifted adults. In the lea..
2010 E-ADJ Volume 12: Life Transitions
  Three articles offer insight into life transitions: (1) Joel Lefever’s paper describes the..
2007 E-ADJ Volume 11: Social Issues of the Gifted
Since we sent out our Call for Manuscripts, we have been excited to receive a remarkably internation..
2006 E-ADJ Volume 10: Exploring Intuition
  This is the downloadable, e-book version.  You may purchase a photocopied version tha..
2000 E-ADJ Volume 9: Spirituality and Giftedness
  Guest Edited by Kathleen Noble, Ph.D., author of The Sound of Silver Horn, which recognize..
1999 E-ADJ Volume 8: Counseling Gifted Adults
There are more and more gifted people on the planet, more and more gifted children being born. Yet, ..
1996 E-ADJ Volume 7: A Kaleidoscope of Creativity
  IN THIS ISSUE, we offer light on several facets of creativity: the writer’s inner imperati..
1995 E-ADJ Special Issue: Giftedness in Adults
ISSUE CONTENTS: This special collection of works was produced in response to repeated requests for..
1994 E-ADJ Volume 6: Becoming Authentic
Is authenticity an ideal state of being or an ongoing process? If our goal is higher-level developme..
1993 E-ADJ Volume 5: Valuing the Feminine
The development of the feminine is an important issue for both men and women. As Jung made clear, we..
1992 E-ADJ Volume 4: The Self
  This volume looks at the holistic psychology of Roberto Assagioli, founder of Psychosynthe..
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