• Gifted Minds Empowered: Advocacy to Develop Gifted Children's Strengths

Parents faced with a child “nominated” for the gifted program; a child “not identified” as gifted, but severely under-challenged in school; or a very bright child who inexplicably cannot succeed, suddenly need comprehensive information about gifted advocacy! Likewise, teachers with little background in gifted education, who have a student desperate for more challenge, or a “conundrum kid” who seems bright but lazy, need immediate helpful strategies to implement. This book, from an award-winning author on gifted advocacy, is a collection of up-to-date information and step-by-step plans for parent advocates and caring educators. Topics include: why we must advocate for gifted students (and advocacy is NOT elitist); how schools define giftedness; tests and scoring approaches that best document giftedness; successful instructional strategies and programs for gifted students; why some gifted students choose NOT to succeed; why gifted students with co-existing weaknesses (the twice exceptional) struggle to succeed; how to acquire appropriate accommodations and interventions; models of advocacy for parents; honoring teachers who do it right; planning your gifted child’s program year by year; and much more. Parents can use this book as a guide to become a tactful, knowledgeable, but fierce advocate for their child. Educators, Administrators, Superintendents and Politicians can use this gifted education course to ensure that they are in the know about what and how to teach gifted children in today’s schools. We can do more than just “identify” gifted children; we can develop their strengths!

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Gifted Minds Empowered: Advocacy to Develop Gifted Children's Strengths

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