1992 E-ADJ Volume 4: The Self

1992 E-ADJ Volume 4: The Self
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This volume looks at the holistic psychology of Roberto Assagioli, founder of Psychosynthesis, and its supportive fit with Dabrowski's climb through developmental levels. Dabrowski provides the scaffolding of intense, conflicted experience many gifted individuals relate to, while Assagioli provides tools and techniques for teaching the self to climb. Both pioneering theorists place immense value on self observation, integrity, and the melding of will, emotion, creativity, and empathy into authentic being. The moral exemplar in this volume is the extraordinary Peace Pilgrim, who spent the last decades of her life walking for peace (she stopped counting after 25,000 miles) armed only with a comb and a few postage stamps, and making an indelible impression on many thousands.

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