1996 E-ADJ Volume 7: A Kaleidoscope of Creativity

1996 E-ADJ Volume 7: A Kaleidoscope of Creativity
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IN THIS ISSUE, we offer light on several facets of creativity: the writer’s inner imperative, women who are painters and mothers, sources of creativity shared by the scientist and the mystic, the social contexts favoring lives of outstanding achievement, and the subtlety and versatility of the creative mind. To further understand advanced development, we take a look at the role of intellectual giftedness in inner search and transformation. In an exploration of moral development, we ponder the unlikely pairing of moral commitment and moral relativity, not abstractly but in the life of a real person. 
There is something for everyone in this long awaited volume—two years in the making. We delight in bringing you new voices along with some treasured friends who have published in Advanced Development in the past. We are certain that you will find this volume fascinating and inspiring. 

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