1999 E-ADJ Volume 8: Counseling Gifted Adults

1999 E-ADJ Volume 8: Counseling Gifted Adults
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There are more and more gifted people on the planet, more and more gifted children being born. Yet, the counseling profession still does not recognize the unique issues that beset the gifted. It is vital for all who do therapy with highly able adults, all who were identified as gifted in their childhood, all highly creative people who were never identified as gifted, and all who live and work with gifted children, to understand the role that giftedness plays in their own lives as well as the lives of the gifted people they touch. To that end, we encourage you to share this volume with therapists, counselors, teachers, clients, colleagues, friends, and lovers. Volume 8 addresses a wide variety of situations, from the uncovering of overexcitabilities to delicate dealings with client resistance, from eating disorders to underachievement. 

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