2000 E-ADJ Volume 9: Spirituality and Giftedness

2000 E-ADJ Volume 9: Spirituality and Giftedness
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Guest Edited by Kathleen Noble, Ph.D., author of The Sound of Silver Horn, which recognizes the female hero’s path, as well as the forthcoming Riding The Windhorse: Spiritual Intelligence and the Growth of the Self, Volume 9 explores connections between spirituality and giftedness as personality development. This is uncharted territory where more questions arise than answers. These, for instance, spring to mind: 
What IS spirituality, which so many define in such different ways? 
Does such a thing as “spiritual giftedness” exist? 
What connections—if any—exist between giftedness, with its often accompanying overexcitabilities and heightened perceptivity, and spiritual experiences? 
Can spiritual giftedness be cultivated? 
How might helping professionals aid where spiritual and gifted issues coexist? 
These authors took up the challenge: 
KATE NOBLE explores spiritual elements in the hues of resilient individuals. 
CATHIE HARRISON shares the existential questions of 7 very young Australian children. 
BARBARA KERR recounts her experiences as a shaman’s apprentice. 
JANE KOPP details a 5-year period when she was overtaken by emerging spiritual energy. 
MICHAEL PIECHOWSKI finds spiritual giftedness in a wealth of peak experiences, recounted by both young and old. 
SONYA JEWKES and IMANTS BARUSS research the relationship between beliefs about reality and personality attributes. “Openness,” not superstition, characterizes those at the transcendent pole. 
DANIEL DESLAURIERS explains the value of attending to dreams in the process of personality development. 
JANE CHAUVIN finds the existential psychotherapists supportive in the quest to deepen those elements that make us most human. 

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