2006 E-ADJ Volume 10: Exploring Intuition

2006 E-ADJ Volume 10: Exploring Intuition
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This is the downloadable, e-book version.  You may purchase a photocopied version that will be mailed to you for $15.00.
Intuition is a fascinating subject in itself and has had an interesting press of late. In March 2005, the APA Monitor ran feature articles on intuition using terms like “subliminal priming,” “implicit memory,” and “emotional processing.” It appears the higher the IQ, the stronger the intuitive ability. We have seen situations where groups of extremely bright individuals easily finished each others’ sentences and collaborated smoothly on projects that were only half verbalized. Gifted individuals, with their penchant for complexity and out-of-the box thinking, tend to be comfortable with mysteries, enjoy creativity and are at home in the realm of intuition. 

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